Long shot: Here is the Leo Hayes men’s hockey team dressing room. Each wall is a dark blue colour with little dents in them that adds a bumpy feeling. In here, all of my teams gear is hung up in their proper stalls. In the middle of the room, is a mat with a big lion on it, and there are also little mats for each player to put in front of their stalls with an L and an H on it. On each corner of the big mat, there are garbages. The room is always bright as all of the lights are on 24/7, and everything is always the exact same, every single practice and game.



Medium shot: My two sticks are being held up by the bench of my stall as my gear is all hung up just as I like it. My CCM supertacks and CCM supertacks 2.0 are both freshly taped, and my blue jersey is hung up in the middle of my stall, as I always put the #4 facing me, so I reminisce on the legacy that my brother left behind.

Close up: If you haven’t already noticed this, on the top of my sticks, on the tape, there are 3 letters written in sharpie that spell out “DNT”. The meaning of it is, Do Not Touch, because if I see one person touch my sticks, I won’t have a good game due to the fact that I feel like the person put some negative vibe inside of them. My key idea is that I need everything about my gear to be perfect in order for me to reach my full potential on the ice.




3 thoughts on “Filmaker: Sean Ferguson

  1. I like that you inserted bits of yourself into your description. I can picture this room and how important it is to you. Good post!

  2. Your photos and choice of words draw the reader in immediately to your story. You set the scene with your writing, letting the reader into the smaller, intriguing details of the locker room that most people would not notice. People like having the “inside view” into something they don’t normally have access to so your choice of the locker room is perfect. Another strong technique that you employ is that you let the reader get to know you through your personal routines and superstitions and you supplement it with your pictures and your belief in how these routines affect your performance on the ice. You could consider writing a follow up piece to this about yourself as a hockey player because this piece leaves the reader wanting to know more about you (in a great way!).


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